multi-brand exhibition

The Brands


antoniolupi is a company from Tuscany, which, for over 60 years now, has really left its mark on both Italian and international markets for its design and manufacture of bathroom furniture. A constantly developing business enterprise widely acknowledged for its notable investment in technology and creativity, its working partnership with internationally famous designers and its ability to create design and innovation. 


Atelier Alain Ellouz is a highly acclaimed specialist in creating precious stones made of alabaster or rock crystal. The team’s creativity and experience, focusing on research and experimentation, have brought about the development of new applications for these stones traditionally used for lamps. The Atelier Alain Ellouz collection contains various different exclusive models of alabaster basins. 


Marazzi is a leading international company in the ceramic tiles industry. Over 3500 products made of porcelain stoneware, crystal stoneware and single-fired tiles, as well as mosaics, marble, granites and natural stones available in different sizes, colours, thicknesses and surfaces to be used not just for residential floors and coverings but also, more and more frequently, in public settings and major works of architecture. 


A Dutch company with 130 years of experience, Royal Mosa is a flagship of innovation and design in the field of tiles and their architectural applications, offering a high-end range of ceramic floor tiles, wall tiles and façade elements. Royal Mosa has a strong commitment to sustainability and adhering to the Cradle-to-Cradle principles. 


Tubes is a cutting-edge company operating in the radiators and towel-rails sector, which can already boast twenty years’ experience. Tubes has already brought out a number of successful collections that have enabled the company to become one of the leaders in its sector. Tubes has recently begun researching into brand-new electrical solutions to cater for market requirements and the needs of professionals.


Founded in 1975, Webert can now claim to be one of the benchmarks in the tap manufacturing industry in terms of innovation, quality and precision. All Webert’s different ranges of products are characterized by the use of carefully selected raw materials, which are worked according to manufacturing processes carefully geared to issues of sustainability.