Temporary Design Showroom



ESPACE 22 is the only showroom-innovathèque present in the Principality of Monaco, dedicated to temporary exhibitions focused on the presentation of products and design materials intended for architecture and decoration.

ESPACE 22 offers a prestigious window for companies wishing to develop their brand locally. Its success is due to its ephemeral nature perfectly integrated in a strategic place for business, for the quality of life and for the excellence of the services offered. Events such as an official inauguration and monthly private presentations will be organized to promote the brands and their products.

ESPACE 22 is integrated into a reality in full urban development, thanks to large-scale architectural projects. Professionals and residents of the Principality of Monaco are particularly sensitive to the evolution of brands, tastes and trends. The selection of companies and products exhibited in the showroom will be made according to criterias of quality, innovation and sustainability.


Exhibiting its products for a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of 12 months, at a very attractive price compared to the local market value;

Launch, develop and rapidly increase the visibility of the brand thanks to a new local network of professionals and private contacts, to whom they will be able to communicate on their brand-new products throughout the exhibition period;

Stimulate envy and arouse curiosity through events destined to professionals, coming from the world of architecture, building, interior decoration, real estate, yachting, entrepreneurship, as well as local residents.