multi-brand exhibition

The Brands


Atelier Alain Ellouz designs and manufactures prestigious collections of lamps, furniture and bathtubs made of alabaster and Rocca cut glass. Everything is handmade and every single design can be adapted to specific projects.


Antique Mirror has been experimenting and creating special products for the flat glass industry for over 40 years. Reflective glass: for indoor coating purposes. The Crate collection: mirrors for creating furnishing objects and for the dining table. Tiles: Antique Mirror’s decorative and vintage panels of glass combined together by means of revolutionary technology. 


Arte wall coatings stand out for their variety of styles, ranging from the more traditional and elaborate to the more contemporary and simple, all carefully designed to cater for various different furnishing needs. Every single Arte wall coating easily adapts to the inside of homes or major installations, reflecting the client’s personality and taste.


Blanc Carrare, a French marble-cutting company that has been based in Lorraine for over 50 years, offers various different exclusive ranges in natural stone, marble, lava, onyx, slate and quartz. The volcanic lava collection with its startlingly unique effects has enabled the company to obtain EPV certification.


CLIPSO, a French company based in Alsace, offers a range of solutions for tensile ceilings and large wall coatings offering numerous different benefits: hardwearing, high-quality, printable, rear-lit, sound-absorbing, antibacterial, waterproof and non-polluting. Its range of innovative sections is available in three materials: aluminium, ABS and PVC  


Dacryl® is a French company specialising in the manufacture of decorative acrylic resin panels featuring vegetable, mineral and fabric inserts and available in a customised range of colours. Dacryl® is more transparent than crystal, 10 times harder-wearing than glass and twice as light. Dacryl® panels are extremely durable outdoors and can be used for fitting out gardens, filling out balustrades or cladding facades.


Fiemme 3000 is a company that manufactures biocompatible wooden floors based in Predazzo right in the heart of Val di Fiemme. The common denominator of all Fiemme 3000’s products is the high standard of their technical features that make every single table hardwearing and waterproof, ensuring they are easy to install and simple to maintain. 


Founded in 1997, DGE Environnement is the exclusive agent for France Haie, a range of artificial landscaped coatings for indoors and outdoors that stands out for its natural-looking appearance, the luxuriousness of its foliage and its realistic look. France Haie products are used to cover grids, dividing elements, walls, pergolas, air-conditioning units, heat pumps and technical roofs.


A Corian®-certified transformer for over 20 years, Image combines carpentry expertise with modern-day furniture. In partnership with architects and technical departments, Image designs and constructs worktops for kitchens, customised shower units, furniture and  hospital facilities for places like Princess Grace Hospital Centre in Monaco, thanks to Corian®’s hygiene properties.


Marazzi, a leading international company in the ceramic tiles industry, offers a unique range of over 3500 surfaces for floors and coatings. Imperfetto is its latest collection of large-size claddings: 32.5×97.7 cm sheets ideal for cladding spas, health centres, hospitality facilities and bathrooms in ordinary homes. All Marazzi’s collections and latest products are available for customers in Piedmont, Liguria and the French Riviera at its showrooms and Maes sales outlet in Savigliano or, alternatively, at:


Everything is projected into the future at RÖFIX. The company has grown to become an international group operating internationally. RÖFIX operates in over 10 European companies, offering a full range of products for people working in the building industry, including plasters, paints and mortars