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LIGHTING DESIGN - multi-brand exhibition


Lighting appliances designed by international architects and designers will be at the focus of the “Lighting Design” exhibition organised by ESPACE 22 in Monaco.

How architecture and lighting interact is one of the real keys to the quality, comfort and functionality of living spaces. “Architecture is the art of light”, so Antonio Gaudí once said, underlining the unbreakable bonds between spatial design and its embellishment through light and the objects the space contains.

Many modern-day architects in synergy with those companies most attentive to product design not to mention developments in new technology had devoted themselves to designing lighting appliances, writing a new history of the profession.

In synch with the latest trends in modern-day living and dwelling, the “Lighting Design” exhibition will focus on the close ties between a design idea and finished product based on a working partnership between companies and designers, who follow a common pathway.